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Thai Massage

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Rachel Benevento LMT, MSW 

Hey y'all! Welcome to Sol Rising Massage and Bodywork. I am a naturally intuitive healer and highly effective professional bodyworker. I have always gravitated towards the healing arts; first as a social worker, then as a behavior therapist for children on the Autism spectrum, and now as a massage therapist. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others find peace of mind and relief from pain. My primary goal as a therapist is to creat a safe and non-judgemental space for my clients to experience their own bodies in a positive light. Clients are immediately at ease in my studio's comforting and nurturing environment.  I successfully pinpoint problem areas and meticulously address underlying issues by communicating with my client's body through touch, pressure and movement. Utilizing both Western and Eastern bodywork techniques, I use my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to relieve tension, open energy pathways, and improve function and overall wellbeing.  ​After 3 years of practicing massage as a part of a team at a Thai massage spa, and doing mobile massage on the side, I created Sol Rising Massage and Bodywork in order to most effectively combine bodywork styles and open up my private practice to a wider audience in South Austin, Texas.  Sol Rising Massage offers traditional western style massage such as deep tissue and chair massage, and also eastern style bodywork in the form of Thai massage and acupressure.

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